Our History

Founded by Dr. Ann S. Lee, a leading Korean – American expert in cosmetic chemistry – Dermaesthetics has been helping people discover the best version of themselves for over forty years.

Through our line of professional skin care products, we have changed lives all over the world by providing industry professionals such as doctors, dermatologists, and aestheticians with best in class skin care solutions.


Decades of formulation expertise led us to the discovery of innovative roots-sourced serums, creams, and oils. Employing strict guidelines for what goes into our formulas, we use only the safest, purest, nutrient-rich ingredients sourced directly from plants.

It’s in our DNA to get things right. We obsess over every single ingredient, proudly stand behind each product, and aim to deliver unparalleled results.


With over 300 formulations, 150 products, 100 specialized treatments under our belt, we’ve distilled four decades of testing and perfecting plant-based ingredients into Root of Life’s power-packed family of products.

Root of Life commits to deliver products that are highly concentrated, potent, with professional-grade ingredients yielding optimum results. Products are corrective, targeted treatments – an effective skin care system, not just a daily routine.


We lead a strong, united community of doctors, dermatologists, and aestheticians from all over the world.

With unmatched ingredients, unwavering expertise, and undeniable results, we’ve built our credibility, developed authority, and exceeded industry benchmarks time and time again.

“Roots are the lifeline of every plant on earth. It helps ground trees, absorbs nutrients for flowers, and sustains life for plants. In this, we believe is the untapped and abundant source of ingredients to unearth the finest skincare products in the world.”

-Dr Ann S. Lee

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills Formula USA, Inc.